TSAHC - Homes for Texas Heroes home grant, the Professional Educators Home Grant Program and the Home Sweet Texas Home Grant Program from the TSAHC one stop shop.
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Join Keller Williams Realty Team TexasHeroes.
Welcome to the Texas Heroes Agent Referral System. We offer our KW Agents an introduction to some the best home buyers they will ever have the chance to work with.

Our home buyers are looking for professional real estate agents to help them purchase a home while taking advantage of The Professional Educators, Homes for Texas Heroes or Home Sweet Texas Loan Grant Programs offered by the Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation (TSAHC).

However we do have requirements that our agents must meet to ensure a high quality of knowledge and professionalism our clients expect from experienced Keller William agents and associate brokers.
For those visiting our website that are not presently Keller Williams agents and would like to visit with us about a career at Keller Williams we would love to hear from you.

To find out more about what Keller Williams Realty has to offer their agents, please complete the form to your left and a Team Leader will be in contact with you soon.

It's easy to join and we do the marketing for you. You simple work the referrals in the professional manner in which you have been trained at Keller Williams and take it from there.

Read about the requirements that our agents must meet to ensure a high quality of knowledge and professionalism our clients expect from experienced Keller William agents and associate brokers.
What is required from you the agent or associate broker?
1. Have at least three (3) years experience in residential real estate sales.

2. Have an average of at least twelve (12) closings per year.

3. You must sign and return the Keller Williams Referral Agreement within 24 hours of receipt.

4. You must fax the HUD-1 to Ty Musser in acconting at fax number 214-749-4955.

Once you have selected the zip codes in your market area, and your sign-up form is received, your account will be activated within 48 hours. Once activated you are ready to start receiving referrals in your designated market area.
How we market TexasHeroes.us for you.

TexasHeroes mails thousands of posters to Police Departments, Fire Departments and Public Schools located throughout Texas. We concentrate our marketing in the market areas of the state where we have Team TexasHeroes members.

In addition to marketing public servants we market to the general public through major employers. The Home Sweet Texas Home Loan Grant program is a program that major employers support because they know that an employee that owns a home is more likely to be a more productive employee. Click each poster to enlarge.
We have posters available to promote the Home Sweet Texas Loan Grant in your market area ready to handed out to major employers in your market area. To order email gregg@texasheroes.us and request an order.
Locate a TSAHC Loan Officer.

IMPORTANT: Not all lenders are approved to process TSAHC Grants. Be sure to ask the loan officer you work with now if they are EXPERIENCED with the grant program. If you need to find a lender to work with you can use this link from TSAHC. [ www.tsahc.org/homeownership/lenders ] Please be sure to ask the loan officer if they are experienced in processing these loans. Many of the lenders listed on the TSAHC list do not know or understand the Grant Loan Process.

Why is this important? Because when the loan officer registers the home buyers grant with the TSAHC, and the grant does not close by the required due date, the home buyer will lose their grant money and will not be allowed to re-apply. Yes, they lose thousands when the loan officer messes up. Don't take the chance and know your loan officer well.
Time to get signed up.

Now that you read and understand what is required from you it's time to get signed up.

If you have not read the entire website please do because the home buyers that will be referred have read the website and they know what you are suppose to do for them.

Once we receive your sign-up form you will be contacted by a TexasHeroes.us staff member for additional training.

Thank your for joining Team TexasHeroes.us where you will receive quality referrals that are ready to buy.