TSAHC - Homes for Texas Heroes home grant, the Professional Educators Home Grant Program and the Home Sweet Texas Home Grant Program from the TSAHC one stop shop.
Find A Homes For Texas Heroes Loan Officer In Your Area.
Keep within your purchase price budget.
There is no sense wasting your time looking at homes that you can't obtain a mortgage for. You'll just get all excited only to be disappointed because you won't quailfy.

If you haven't already, make sure you do not exceed the County Income Limits for the county where you would be buying a home. Also check to see if you're in the profession that offers a higher county income limit. The grant for the general public is called the Home Sweet Home Loan and offers the lowest income limits but has the same advantages as the other programs as the Homes for Texas Heroes.

Use our payment pro to calculate the maximum monthly payment allowed based on your gross family income. All amounts shown are only estimates.

When finished go back to the homepage and be sure to complete the form to have a local Keller Williams agent contact you directly to help you purchase your dream home without having to empty out your savings account.
Your Grant = $
Gross Monthly Family Income: $
All Monthly Debt Payments: $
Home Purchase Price: $
Total PITI Mortgage Payment: $
Down Payment: $
Closing Cost: $
Total Cost: $
Less 5% State Grant: $
Less Seller Incentive: $
Cash Needed To Close: $

If you wish to refinance your home you may do so using the Homes for Texas Heroes Grant by contacting the loan officer below. Keep in mind that the loan officer does not have to be located in the same city that you are purchasing or refinancing a home. You might want the Title Company you select to be nearby because you will actually have to go to that location. Everything that is needed by the loan officer can be obtain on-line or via fax or the U.S Postal service.

Nick Marascia - GuaranteedRate.com - 214-557-8340

If you're already working with a real estate agent and only wish to be connected with a loan officer that knows and understands the Homes for Texas Heroes Grant program you're in luck. As mention before, we are here to provide you with quality information, even if it means our KW agents have to eat chili and beans tonight.